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Getting Centered: The first step to flow state

Flow state is an energetic way of being, therefore it serves to start with the energetic subtle body.  


Being on our point of balance or centered on our axis is key to accessing this harmonic flow. We all know how we feel when we are aligned, and connected, and it is possible to hold this state or initiate it, if we have lost it. First It requires simply to be aware of the present moment.  Start by being aware of self, what you're doing and why you're doing it.   Pay attention to the things happening around you, both the big and small things. View the world as a child does - full of awe, wonder and appreciation.


Finding our Balance Point

Once that is established, it is time to find our balance point. A quick visualization will work. Imagine energy coming down through the top of your head from way up in the cosmos to your source point (or higher self.) Imagine golden light flowing down through the top of your head, and down through your body, moving through each energy center (chakra) until it reaches your feet. Then stretch it down further into the earth. This plugs you into both your higher self and the earth.  

This is being on your axis. Just like your Spine is your physical body's axis, this beam of light is your energetic body's axis. It is possible to be knocked off this axis when we encounter problems, or conflicts but it is easy to remember to just instantly plug right back in and recenter.


In this point of balance, we are connected to the All there is/Universal energy. This energetic source is overflowing and when we use energy from this place, we are pulling straight from source instead of using our energetic body's battery power.  This is important!  Because, typically when we are walking around unconscious and not centered, we run into scenarios that use our energy and this can be tiring. Supporting a friend, handling a problem, or even socializing can take our energy and then we need to restore and rest to build it back up.  When we stay centered and on our axis, that endless reservoir of energy just flows through us, even as we share it, we are also filling up. 


Staying connected like this as often as possible, helps to access that harmonic flow and time will seem to slow down as well ensuring life doesn't pass us by. 

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