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Activate your

unique soul song

I help my clients access their creative life force and increase their inner magic and healing abilities. I do this by providing creative tools, instruction and deep yet playful experiences that accelerate spiritual growth in self and relationships as well as increase vibration and expand consciousness. I provide this service one on one, groups or via video instruction

Quantum healing session testimonials

Kristina has keen intuition!  She was able to pick up on the physical discomforts easily.  She knew about things regarding my ancestors work that were spot on.

Mindy Hellwege

Explained clearing contracts. General tracking of issues spot on.  Problem solving each thing even tho some were connected and overlapping.

Rebecca Chism

She made the session very comfortable and painless.  Helped me work through ailments that affected me mentally and physically through the session.

Margaret Hellwege


The Story of Soul Song Rising

Kristina Johnson

Kristina Johnson, of Soul Song Rising is a trained quantum energy ascension coach, from Oklahoma, USA.

Kristina offers individual healing sessions online and in person, hosts classes, workshops and spirit quests for adults and youth, and has a passion for crafting all things magical.

Kristina has always been in leadership positions and has held a strong sense of compassion for those she works with. She not only wants the people around her to succeed in their life path but to grow and evolve on an individual soul level, to inspire them to find the things they are passionate about and to live in accordance with their own unique soul song.

While Kristina has had several years of spiritual training in various modalities it is in her 30 year long career for an Insurance Company that she found the practical life experience in connecting with people and being a source of support and guidance for them. As a people leader in the insurance world, she was directly responsible for the direction, guidance, and leadership over many employees. She received a great deal of leadership training during this time (see below) especially in empowering and understanding personalities. She shows up genuinely and authentically for those in her life and this heartfelt care and passion is felt by anyone who has worked with her or attended one of her circles or public speeches.

She acts in her practice and in her private life as a compass to help people process and navigate their own spiritual awakening, and to anchor in the foundational skills to move forward authentically and with joy.

Kristina has known change well and has become its friend in her ability to embrace the death and rebirth process with grace over and over throughout her life. If you need someone to spark a genuine love of life back into you,and help guide you to embrace all that is unique and magical within you, Kristina is a perfect first stop in your journey.

Spiritual Training includes:

Chakra Illumination (Shaman trained)

Reiki I and II

Tarot and spirit guide readings

D-Codes - quantum energy healing

Sound healing/Frequency healing

Personality Training includes:

Oklahoma State University (OSU) Meyers Briggs (MBTI)

True Colors

Strength Finders


Leadership Training includes:

Performance Management - Oklahoma State University (OSU)

Change Management - OSU

Leadership/Coaching and conflict - OSU

Developing Effective Attitudes - OSU

Planning Organizing and Delegating - OSU

Winning Through Customer Service - OSU

Lean Six Sigma - Yellow Belt

Interpersonal Relationships

Giving Positive and Constructive feedback

Contact Me

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any comments, questions, or special requests.

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