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Welcome to the Ease and Flow Blog!

Updated: May 24

Being in the state of Flow is awesome, isn't it?

That place where we get to co-create with the Universe. Where our intuition is on fire and Spirit is loud. There is nothing like it!

Unfortunately, it usually doesn't last as long as we would like before we slip out of it and back into the denser realities. Like going up and down on a roller coaster it is dizzying. But it IS possible to be more like a river. While we might still have to navigate the ups and downs over the rocks, we can roll right over them and keep flowing.

I am Kat and after years on my spiritual growth and self-awareness journey, I have come to know that our energy field is key to everything. How we mind it, enhance it and even let go of what depletes it determines what frequency we are emitting. Our Torus field, known as the energy field, is affected by all of our subtle bodies working together, whether unconsciously or consciously, they impact this field. When we speed up our torus field our vibration raises and that is when we enter Flow state.

I have found that the reason we move up and down in the various density timelines is we have forgotten one or more of our other subtle bodies.

For example, I can clear old beliefs, meditate, and expand my consciousness all the time but if I am not eating healthy, drinking lots of water or moving my body, my body will NOT be able to support my expansion or ascension and I will crash for days at a time while it grounds and processes that new energy through it. We must take our physical bodies with us on this journey, we can't leave them behind. Just like we cannot spend all our energy on treating our physical bodies while we are not working on changing our self-defeating thoughts. Our mental body will keep our physical body sick.

So in this Blog, we will be touching on each of the subtle bodies (spiritual, emotional, mental and physical) so they can co-regulate with each other and speed up the torus field's frequency.

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