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Raising our Vibration: Understanding Thoughts and Beliefs

Being aware of our mental body and why we think the way we do is crucial for achieving a higher vibrational state. So often our thoughts, and opinions run through our minds in an unconscious way, and we don't even realize they are stemming directly from our core beliefs or past traumas. We are living out these "truths" without questioning whether they align with the values we truly wish to uphold.

Testing our truth

What litmus test are we using when deciding what is true or not? Most of us are using what we have already decided to be true as our litmus test,

The thinking mind

yet we want growth and change, but we are unwilling to let go of things that we have already decided are true about ourselves, about our world, and even our potential.

How do we then validate and question these beliefs? Start by observing each time you form an opinion or judgment. Question the reason behind your feelings. This inquiry will lead to an answer, which, when probed with 'why is that important?', will reveal deeper insights. Persistently asking 'why' peels back layers to the foundational belief, its origin, and its significance. Recognizing that our beliefs are often shaped by our environment helps us understand them better. It becomes clear that our "truth" may not be universal, as others have different environments and perspectives.

Deciding our truth

This process of examination fosters an understanding of differing viewpoints. Compassion and understanding emerge, allowing for an observational perspective. Stepping out of a singular perspective reveals the duality of beliefs, making it easier to choose whether to retain, alter, or accept multiple truths simultaneously and allow others to do the same. This expansive way of thinking, ultimately raising our vibration with compassion and understanding, supports the flow state of being.

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